Who is Bon Iver?


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boooooo!!!!... only nincompoops ignore vibrant emotional records!!!!!!!1


Okay people, you’re going to need to speak English if you want me to understand what you’re saying. 

This blog is a joke. Bon Iver isn't the guys name it's justin turner, and it's the BANDS name, you all are dumb.

Justin Turner. Yup.

Dec 4

do you honoestly not like bon iver ??

do you honoestly not know how to spell ??

May 8
May 7
Apr 2

bon iver is not a "who" they are a band with 2 albums, the first one came out in 2008 and the second one came out in 2011. Justin Vernon wrote most of the music and founded the band so he gets the awards. Justin (the singer) has gained a lot of recognition in this past year because of his new album. You probably listen to crap mainstream music and have no idea what any of that was because you have to taste or a google machine.


Ohhhh! Thank you so much, anonymous! I finally know who Bon Iver is!

Because I definitely didn’t know who Bon Iver was when I created this blog to mock the people who don’t know who Bon Iver is!

If you’re ever in Boston, please let me buy you a drink, because you’re the bestest!