Who is Bon Iver?


This happens every time a less popular artist wins an award. The EXACT same thing happened when Arcade Fire won a few years back.

Who is Arcade Fire?

boooooo!!!!... only nincompoops ignore vibrant emotional records!!!!!!!1


Okay people, you’re going to need to speak English if you want me to understand what you’re saying. 

if a bon iver falls in the forest does he win another grammy?


If Imagine Dragons can win a Grammy, Bon Iver falling in the forest would certainly be deserving of a win.

Do you like Bon Iver?

Who is Bon Iver?

This blog is a joke. Bon Iver isn't the guys name it's justin turner, and it's the BANDS name, you all are dumb.

Justin Turner. Yup.

Jul 2

You don't know good music if you don't know who Bon Iver is. Bon Iver is a guy from Wisconsin that is full of emotion and has a cool falsetto and awesome tattoos. Instead of wasting time making a blog asking this question, go listen to his music and you'll find out all about him. Get over it. J Cole lost.


You got me. I’m still bitter that J Cole lost. That’s me. Nailed it.

Jul 1

tbh you need to get over the fact that people like him but you dont, i personally love bon iver and I have an emotional connection with his music, get ova itttt

In case you were wondering, I am still getting messages like this.

Dec 4

do you honoestly not like bon iver ??

do you honoestly not know how to spell ??

Honestly the whole world doesn't care that you don't like Bon Iver. Just because you don't doesn't mean everyone else doesn't. Suck it up.



May 9
badI don’t like him

I don’t like him